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Our success based pricing means you are guaranteed a minimum number of leads per month

per month
For smaller campaigns
50 leads per month
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per month
For regular prospecting
80 leads per month
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per month
For aggressive pipeline growth
get in touch
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Frequently asked questions

Are there any long term commitments?

No, you run the campaign for a minimum of three months and can then cancel at any time with one months notice.

Do you charge a set-up fee?

No, the set-up fee is included within each price plan.

How long does it take to start a campaign?

Outbound messages normally start 2-3 weeks after the campaign kick-off call.

What is a "Lead"?

A Lead is a reply from a real person to a campaign message. We don't count opt-outs, out of office replies or bounces.

What is your guarantee?

We will guarantee a certain number of leads per month depending on which price plan you choose. If for some reason we don't meet the monthly guarantee we will continue the campaign free of charge until the required number of leads is delivered.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards, bank transfer and Paypal.

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